Release date: 24 November 2017
Recorded: 2014-2017
Label: BMG Rights Management Scandinavia
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Tracklist (iTunes):
1. '71 Charger - 4:11 | Listen
2. Dreams - 4:39
3. Jupiter Drive - 5:25 | Preview
4. Fire Blue - 4:19 | Preview
5. Hate The Way I Love You - 6:39 | Listen
6. I Go Ego - 3:29
7. Heart On Hold - 4:08
8. Love Me America - 4:29 | Preview
9. Ride - 5:12 | Preview
10. '71 Charger (Strings version) - 3:39
Lenght: 46:15

RIDE is the second studio album by Swedish recording artist Loreen. The album is planned to be released on 24 November 2017 through BMG, five years after her debut album Heal. The album also follows an EP titled NUDE, released in August 2017. Two singles have so far been released for the album, "71 Charger" and "Hate The Way I Love You" released on 29 September 2017 and 27 October 2017. For VLT she says that the new music holds “very feminine power” and is influenced by bands like Radiohead, The Doors and Jefferson Airplane."

"This is how you’ve never heard me. It’s very analogous, and very dirty. It breathes the 60’s and 70’s. We recorded the whole album in five days, something they did back in the days. The album has not been made to create hits. It’s the first chapter to create my truth. It is best suited for long road trips."

Loreen said, “For me, 2017 was about establishing a sense of independence and channelling it into a new and exciting direction for my music. I really connected with BMG’s mission to support independent artists in a transparent way, but also keeping their creative interests close. When I presented them my vision for the future there was an immediate click and I am really excited to begin this journey between our teams.”

In September Loreen released "71 Charger", part one of a trilogy where the sequel consists of single "I Hate The Way I Love You" which is available at the end of October. Part three, the final part, consist of full-length album released on November 24th.

PART I - "'71 Charger"
’71 Charger is the start of a journey in a new direction. It’s about breaking free from others’ opinions about myself. It’s about removing the imaginary pressure from the outside world and stop worrying about what others think. (More)

PART II - "Hate The Way I Love You"
‘Hate The Way I Love You’ is so important to the journey I have made creatively and personally. It's a moment of realization that brings so many things together. / Phase two in the trilogy RIDE, represent the dynamic between the vulnerable child and the ambitious adult...

PART III - "Ride"
‘Ride’ is the climax of the trilogy. The realization of the higher self. Loreen can surrender to her true self. Natural strength and a sense of being that allow her to move calmly in her natural direction. As a sensate act, ‘Ride’ provides full closure to the past and the new beginning Loreen has longed for. (More)

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