Ľ Quotes
"Music has a great power over your body and thatís why my message is that people should truly feel music."
"I love to see people in the eyes and sing for them."
"You can do whatever you want. As long as you stay true to yourself."
"Because I am doing something so different it feels best my own sake to think, ďOh, Iím going out, but Iím doing something I believe in so it does not matter.Ē
"Itís when you donít compromise that youíre living your truth."
"I am inspired by things happening around me, the people I meet."
"I donít give a damn about if I have cred or not, as long as I stay true to myself."
"I love to have different influences and styles. It is wonderful to just skip all rules be open for options. A little like being bisexual, but with music."
"Ö you donít want to come back in the same form. I am a creator and you create all the time and discover new forms."
"Things change all the time, I change. I think the most difficult thing has been to see that very many people are disappointed, because things aren't what they used to be before. But I'm always me."
"People assume Iím some kind of spiritual hippie. But Iím more scientifically made than the picture of me shows. I love biology, physics and chemistry. Things I can explain and lead in evidence. For example, quantum physics is something that interests me a lot. But it does not appear so often in interviews."
"On the stage I will become even more myself, you will come closer to me as a human being. Thatís the way I communicate Ė with music. Actually, standing on stage is strongly associated with a big fat ego, but to me itís the platform I can communicate on to reach out and inspire others."
"I have to change something. Iím a creator.Ē
"If you want to fight for equality then any place is a right place."
"The most violent element in society is ignorance."
"I will never be a product of somebody else."
"Take control of your mind, your mind is not in control of your body."