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» Latest info: In latest interviews Loreen talked about upcoming new music: "There're two parts of the album. There's one coming out, small one, this spring and then the next one in fall." There's no title for the album now and it's a brand new music project, previously released songs or songs like "Jupiter Drive" with "Dumpster" won't probably appear on the new record. | Interview (03.03.2017)

Confirmed/Recorded/Registered tracks:
• Statements (Anton Hard af Segerstad, Joy Deb, Linnea Deb & Loreen)
• I’m In It With You (Lorine Talhaoui, Simen M Eriksrud, Kiesa Ellestad, Espen Berg)
• Let Me In (Lorine Talhaoui, Simen M Eriksrud, Kiesa Ellestad, Espen Berg)
• Paperlight (Lorine Talhaoui, Tom Liljegren, Alexander "Alex" Ryberg)
• Fireblue (Song was released on album by Duvchi "With the World")
• Get Into It (Boston Bun & Loreen) | T. Noyer & J. Chatelain
• Broken Heart Museum
• Jupiter Drive
• Dumpster
“Paperlight” is the upcoming and highly anticipated second studio album by Swedish singer and songwriter Loreen. It’s scheduled to be released sometime next year via Warner Music Group. The album comes preceded by the lead single and album’s title track “Paper Light (Higher)”, released on March 5, 2015. The second official single “I’m In It with You” was released on August 14, 2015. The third single “Under ytan” was released on December 18th. In fall 2016, Loreen joined forces with French producer Boston Bun to release the track “Get Into It”. On November 30th, SVT confirmed that Loreen is competing on 2017 Melodifestivalen with brand new single “Statements“. She will perform it live for the first time in the fourth week on February 25, 2017 in Skellefteå. /Source: Josepvinaixa.com (30.10.2016)
After the stunning success in Baku, Loreen released her first album "Heal" and this year she's preparing her second solo album. It will be called "Paper Light", like the name of the first single. Many different people are involved in the album, Swedish and international names and producers. The authors are different and the album itself is very different. I work a lot with the Swedish trio "NONONO", but my producers are the same who works with Avicii. The album is more creative, even with a slight feeling of Beyoncé, but my style. I think it will turn out with 8 or 9 songs. But you never know, because you write and write and write and eventually it can become 100 songs. But it will probably have about 10 songs. My record company wanted to release the song in May, but I said, "No!" And asked them about September, because I want to do a video." /Source: BNR.bg Interview, Bulgaria (29.03.2016)
• "Loreen is after a year of hard work done with her latest album. The album she literally put her heart and soul into. Music, she says, holds like life so many different dimensions and to find meaning in it, she needs to go in depth. To just show off a "pleasant voice," she says, becomes flat and uninteresting.
- I love the sound, twisting and turning on the toner. On this album, I have experimented more with voice than before. For example, I tried to sing so ugly I could that I could find it beautiful. There is something spiritual in how the different frequencies trigger different emotions in different people, says Loreen." /Ellos.se (27.04.2015)
• "(..) Loreen has been busy with other things, "insanely great", she says, and plans to release a new album next year. The music sounds different from the past, Loreen steels itself for the width of the reactions, the fans will love it or hate it, her prognosis. Right now finishing of everything from music to album covers and video recording. Much of it takes place in London, where part of the team around Loreen work." /Sydsvenskan interview (22.11.2014)
• "The new album is coming out in October. It's very different from Euphoria, it's a lot dirtier and it's a lot more hip-hop. I was very inspired by Kanye West. (...) So it's coming out in October and after that there will be a lot of touring." /Interview in Montenegro (12.07.2014)
Vicky Akintola on Twitter - writing new song in studio, Norway
• Studio with the crew @CarlosStJohn @T_R_GO @LOREEN_TALHAOUI it's actually kicking off ????? #Norway #studio #writing pic.twitter.com/7imuRD9Xim
• Miss these guys! Can't wait to hear the final product! @LOREEN_TALHAOUI @CarlosStJohn @t_r_go #norway #newmusic pic.twitter.com/aulTOxSYpG /@vickytola (12.-14.02.2014)
• Loreen is currently working on her second album at studio, where she colaborates with Jungle Production & Writing duo - Ted Krotkiewski & Tim Denéve. For more information about them you can visit their Facebook page. She also posted Instagram video from studio with samples of her new songs. /Site News (23.11.2013)
• ..."As she begins working with a new crop of producers, she explained that the formula is bound to change. “The sound is different,” she said. “I would say it’s much dirtier. It’s not so perfect. Some people when they record, they want it all to be perfect, but I’m actually looking for the primitive part. When you sing from the heart, you don’t really think. You just tell the truth about yourself. How would you sound if you were actually sad? I’m experimenting with that.” /Idolator.com (06.09.2013)

Singles "Paper Light", "I'm In It With You" and "Statements"

Preview of a new song that may appear on upcoming album, February 2017

Studio remakes of "Jupiter Drive" and "Dumpster" by Rhys Connolly

Live versions of new songs for upcoming album, March 2015

Live versions of new songs for upcoming album, April 2014

Loreen in studio working on her new album, November 2013

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