Release date: 31 May 2013
Label: Warner Music Sweden
Wikipedia info: here
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1. We Got the Power
2. My Heart Is Refusing Me
3. Everytime
4. Euphoria
5. Crying Out Your Name
6. Do We Even Matter
7. Sidewalk
8. Sober
9. If She's the One
10. Breaking Robot
11. In My Head
12. Heal (feat. Blanks)
13. Euphoria (acoustic) / Lenght: 51:54

On 31 May, 2013, Heal was re-released as Heal (2013 Edition), featuring two new tracks (Loreen's newest single, "We Got the Power", and "Euphoria (Acoustic Version)"), and dropping the track "See You Again".
Popjustice.com: "Loreen is re-releasing her album ‘Heal’ to include her new single ‘We Got The Power’. The new version – thrillingly retitled ‘Heal 2013 Edition’ – will be out on May 31 and will also include an acoustic reworking of ‘Euphoria’."

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